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Velociti owner Ryan Burbary holding out tennis racquet with Catalyst biodegradable string

Velociti is making headlines! We're revolutionizing the tennis industry with the world's first 100% biodegradable synthetic tennis string: Velociti Catalyst.

Did you know the Catalyst string decomposes 100x faster than traditional synthetic tennis string? This cost-effective technology is already being called a "total game-changer" by tennis industry experts.

Read the latest news updates on Velociti, Catalyst and more below.

Velociti in the News

Coloradan Alumni Magazine: Velociti Making Tennis Sustainable

This article from Coloradan Alumni Association features CU Boulder graduate and owner of Velociti Tennis Ryan Burbary. Ryan discusses the development of the world's first fully biodegradable synthetic tennis string, Velociti Catalyst. Ryan aims to mitigate the environmental impact of tennis waste, sharing insights into the creation process and his broader vision for sustainable sports equipment.

Check out the full story about Velociti Tennis to learn more.

TennisNerd Review: Velociti Catalyst, "the Best Eco-Friendly String"

In the "Tennis Nerd" YouTube video review of Velociti Catalyst string, the host discusses the unique aspects of this biodegradable tennis string, emphasizing its eco-friendly features. The string is evaluated for playability, control and its potential environmental impact, offering a promising alternative in the quest for sustainable tennis equipment.

Check out this full review of Velociti Catalyst to learn more about its performance.

Tennis Spin Review: Velociti Catalyst Biodegradable String

In the Tennis Spin YouTube video review, the host explores Velociti Catalyst, the world's first 100% biodegradable synthetic tennis string. The reviewers express positive sentiments about the string's comfort, predictability, and eco-friendly aspects, making it a compelling option for those seeking sustainability in their tennis gear.

Watch the full video review by Tennis Spin to learn more about the biodegradable tennis strings and their performance on the court.

RSI Magazine: Velociti Catalyst String Playtest Results

This article spotlights Velociti Catalyst as the inaugural fully biodegradable tennis string, emphasizing its ecological benefits and positive features, including enhanced durability, spin potential and resistance to movement.

Read the full article on Racquet Sports Industry to discover how Velociti Catalyst is changing the game with its eco-friendly approach.

USTA HighFIVE: Ryan Burbary, Velociti Develop Biodegradable String

Velociti Tennis, led by Ryan Burbary, introduces Velociti Catalyst, the first synthetic biodegradable tennis string, decomposing in 3-5 years. Offering enhanced durability and playability, Catalyst addresses environmental concerns in the industry, with plans to expand the biodegradable product line.

Learn about the string's environmental impact and playability in the complete article on USTA's website.

RSI Magazine: String Playtest Results for Velociti TurboPoly 16L

Racquet Sports Industries recently tested our TurboPoly 16L string. Find out what their playtesters had to say (p. 26):

Discover Velociti Turbopoly 16L, a groundbreaking hexagonal co-polyester string offering enhanced durability, spin potential, and playability, all while championing environmental sustainability with its eco-friendly packaging. Read the article to explore the innovative features and playtesters' insights that make this string a compelling choice for players.

IART: World's First Biodegradable Synthetic Tennis String

Velociti Tennis is set to revolutionize the tennis industry with the imminent launch of the world's first biodegradable synthetic tennis string. Boasting a patent-pending technology that accelerates decomposition by 99%, reducing the process to three to five years, the eco-friendly string addresses environmental concerns and enhances playability and durability, making it a potential game-changer in the industry.

For more details on this eco-friendly innovation, read the full announcement on our website.

Daily Camera: CU Boulder Alum Creating 1st Biodegradable Synthetic Tennis String

KickServe Radio: Interview Featuring Velociti Catalyst (0:14)

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