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 Velociti owner Ryan Burbary holding out tennis racquet with Catalyst biodegradable string

Velociti is making headlines! We're revolutionizing the tennis industry with the world's first 100% biodegradable synthetic tennis string: Velociti Catalyst. Our string decomposes 100X faster than traditional synthetic tennis string. This cost-effective technology is already being called a "total game-changer" by in-the-know tennis industry experts.

We're also excited to announce we're expanding our line of premium tennis grips and overgrips. Velociti Acceleration overgrips have a new and improved formula that adds durability to the soft and tacky feel you love. Our new Velociti Replacement grip is also getting rave reviews from customers who love its cushioned feel and sweat-absorbing textured holes. Read on to learn more about Velociti products in the news...

Velociti in the News

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