Catalyst Biodegradable String

Velociti Catalyst Biodegradable String

Introducing Velociti Catalyst: The First 100% Biodegradable Synthetic Tennis String

Did you know that every year, tens of thousands of pounds of used tennis string are dumped in landfills, where it takes 400-600 years to decompose? Environmental waste has long been the unspoken, dark side of the tennis industry, with no meaningful solutions in sight – until now.

On Dec. 2, 2022, Velociti Tennis debuted the world’s first 100% biodegradable synthetic tennis string: Velociti Catalyst. This launch is a huge step towards a greener future for tennis.

Environmentally Friendly Tennis String that Decomposes 100x Faster

Boulder Flat Irons, Colorado

Velociti Catalyst is a 16-gauge polyester string made with a patent-pending, organic technology that allows it to decompose 100x faster than other synthetic string.

Velociti Catalyst will not start to decompose until placed in landfill, where specific microbes found in that environment spark the decomposition process. It will then fully decompose within three to five years. This is just 1% of the time it takes other synthetic string to decompose.

We're committed to protecting our environment...

Velociti will plant one tree for every 10 sets of Catalyst string sold!

Premium Performance Tennis String

When you choose Velociti, you’re getting premium tennis products that also protect our planet. Our products perform just as well – if not better – than the competition and have the added benefit of environmentally friendly technologies and materials.

Tennis Players Test Velociti Catalyst Tennis String

We recently submitted Velociti Catalyst to RSI Magazine for a professional playtest and evaluation. Catalyst received high ratings for durability, spin production and control. RSI Magazine’s full review will be released in the January issue, but here’s what the play testers had to say:

Velociti Catalyst string on tennis racquet

“I really enjoyed this string and I love the white color! This will be my new string. I absolutely loved this soft, super-controllable, spin-friendly string—it did everything I wanted it to do. The feedback was kind and lively but not too much. I love it and will push this product. ”

(5.0 baseliner with moderate spin)

“Excellent slip and snapback. Not only is this string durable, it stayed slippery for probably more than a week. I’d use this as a cross paired with a gut main string.”

(4.5 touch player)

“The string played surprisingly well. It was thicker gauge than what I usually play with, so I was pleasantly surprised at how it played. Good control, power and feel. Assuming it is a ‘poly’ of some sort, it was soft enough to not hurt my shoulder or arm. It did seem ‘stiff’ while installing, so again, another bonus. Overall, a good solid string.”

(5.5 all-court player)

Where to Purchase Velociti Catalyst

  • Purchase Catalyst on our Website: The best place to purchase Velociti Catalyst is right here on our website at Here you can take advantage of special offers, like 25% OFF your first purchase when you sign up for Velociti e-news.

  • Purchase Catalyst at Game-Set-Match, Inc: You can also purchase Velociti Catalyst at all Game-Set-Match, Inc. locations. Game-Set-Match, Inc. is one of the country’s leading tennis and pickleball retailers with four stores in Denver, Centennial, Boulder and Las Vegas.

  • Purchase Catalyst at Mason’s Tennis: Mason’s Tennis is the premier tennis shop in New York City. They proudly carry Velociti Catalyst in their store.

  • Request Catalyst for your Local Tennis Shop: To request that your local tennis shop carry Velociti Catalyst, please email us at

Share Your Experience on Social Media to Become a Catalyst in Your Community

Catalyst string set around racquet throat
You can be a catalyst in the tennis world by sharing your experience with Velociti Catalyst on your social media accounts.

Please tag us on Instagram: @velocitisports as soon as you try it!

You’ll not only let the world know you’re one of the first to try this revolutionary tennis string, you’ll also help inspire others to make changes to protect our planet.

Now that’s a WIN-WIN for everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions about Catalyst Tennis String

How much does Velociti Catalyst cost?

The retail price for one set of Velociti Catalyst is $14.59. 

Wholesale pricing is available for select, pre-approved wholesalers. To become an approved wholesaler, please contact

I’m a professional stringer. How can I try Velociti Catalyst?

Professional tennis racquet stringers can request a free sample of Velociti Catalyst by emailing our team at Please include the following info: your business name and address, number of racquets you string per year, business website or social media accounts, and copy of your business license.

Is there anything I need to know when stringing with Velociti Catalyst?

You can string Velociti Catalyst just like any other polyester string. We recommend dropping the tension by a few pounds (5-10%) compared to a multi-filament or synthetic gut. You can also try using Velociti Catalyst as a hybrid with a softer string in the crosses for a great combination of soft feel and tension maintenance.

What type of players are well-suited for Velociti Catalyst?

Players looking for a durable, polyester string will enjoy Velociti Catalyst. The biodegradable technology featured in the string has the added benefit of improving the string’s tensile and knot strength. Catalyst received high marks from RSI Magazine string play testers for both durability and string production.

Will Velociti Catalyst start to decompose on my racquet?

Velociti Catalyst will not start to decompose until placed in landfill, where specific microbes found in that environment begin the decomposition process.

How does Velociti Catalyst biodegrade 100x faster than other synthetic tennis string?

Velociti Catalyst features a proprietary, patent-pending technology. A small amount of this organic technology is added to the polyester string to expedite the decomposition process.

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