Frequently Asked Questions about Velociti

Velociti products on tennis court

Why choose Velociti products?

Velociti tennis products are comparable to best-selling tennis products from other top brands, but our products have the added benefit of environmental sustainability. We incorporate environmentally sustainable technologies into our products to make them biodegrade faster and with less packaging. When you choose Velociti tennis products, you’re making a WIN-WIN choice for your tennis game AND the environment.

Velociti offers a full lineup of high-performance tennis string, tennis racquet replacement grips and overgrips, dampeners, grip-enhancing towels and ball clips. You can get the best deal on Velociti products right here on our website.

Why are Velociti products better for the environment?

Established in Boulder, Colorado, Velociti has a long tradition of protecting the environment. Our products come with minimal packaging, as product packaging quickly ends up in local landfills. We are also in the process of developing a new biodegradable technology that enables our tennis string to decompose 100X faster than traditional synthetic tennis string.

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How do I get the best deal on Velociti tennis string?

Check our product catalog for current promotions and special offers. You can also visit our Instagram page for new deals exclusive to our social media followers.

How do I put on a Velociti long dampener?

Velociti has created the best tennis racquet string dampener with our Velociti long dampeners. They dampener a larger area of the racquet by covering more strings than traditional short dampeners.

To apply a Velociti long dampener, make sure to hard weave on the bottom string (opposite of the bottom cross string). When applied correctly, it should stay firmly in place for without moving or popping off.

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