8 Earth Day Ideas for Tennis Lovers

If you love tennis and the environment like we do, you may be looking for a fun way to celebrate the planet for Earth Day. We are here to help!

To make sustainability even more satisfying, we’re putting a tennis spin on it. Here are eight ideas to celebrate Earth Day tennis-style.

dog playing with recycled tennis ball

1. Spruce up your local public tennis courts

Picking up litter around your local tennis courts is a great way to celebrate earth day and improve your local community.

2. Donate old tennis balls to a furry friend

What dog couldn’t use a tennis ball to chew on and chase around the yard? Drop off your used tennis balls at a local animal shelter or to a pup down the street to give them a second life.

3. Purchase eco-friendly tennis gear

Use your buying power for good this Earth Day and invest in high-quality, eco-friendly tennis gear. At Velociti, we sell sustainable tennis gear every day.

We also love to spread the word on other sustainable brands. Read up on some of our favorite sustainable tennis products, including balls, strings, clothes and more.

4. Encourage your tennis club to prioritize sustainability

Earth Day is the perfect time to check in with your tennis club to see how they are making tennis more sustainable. For example, they can donate used rackets, offer eco-friendly tennis gear in their shops, recycle used tennis balls, and even use recyclable materials on future courts.

5. Hydrate sustainably

Don’t throw one more plastic water bottle away at the tennis courts. Commit to using reusable water bottles this year to eliminate plastic water bottle waste on the tennis courts. Plus, tennis is too intense of a sport to drink water that quickly heats up in plastic. Yuck!

6. Coordinate a tournament with proceeds for an environmental cause

This one takes some more time and planning. However, it involves playing tennis and helping the Earth, so it’s fun and worth it! Organize a neighborhood tennis tournament and use the funds to donate to an environmental cause, like a local tree planting non-profit.

7. Spread the word about sustainable tennis gear

It’s easy to spread the word on sustainable tennis brands. Talk to your friends about eco-friendly tennis gear or share a social media post to highlight one of your favorite sustainable brands. Hint: You can find us at @VelocitiSports on Instagram.

8. Walk, bike, or carpool to tennis

This is a simple idea, but sometimes those are the best. Hitch an eco-friendly ride to your tennis practice, match or lesson. You can bike, walk or even carpool depending on the distance.

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